Adpoints Adpoints is an incentivised video advertising platform and player that matches highly engaged and relevant audiences with leading advertisers. Partnered with Nectar, the UK’s leading loyalty programme, Adpoints launched www.nectaradpoints.com back in October 2012.

We reward our 500,000 audience (1m by year end) with Nectar points for watching and interacting with video advertising. Our platform, accessible via desktop, mobile and tablet (TV by year end), provides advertisers with: Higher viewer interaction than any other media, Detailed viewer insight reports and Track exposure through to Sainsbury’s baskets.

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We make watching Ads more rewarding…in every way.
Find out more about our 100% Ad completion rates, unparalleled insights and unbeatable click-through rates.
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Adpoints delivers advertisers highly engaged viewers, web traffic, a wealth of viewer insights and shopping effect analysis.
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500,000 viewing audience and growing!
Visit Nectar Adpoints today to and see this innovative incentivised advertising platform in action. Accessible on desktop, mobile, tablet (TV by year end).